For the full discography, see our Bandcamp site or Discogs.

Dataland (w/ Adam Stone & Black Tempest) (Cardinal Fuzz, January 2021)

Night Lands (Cardinal Fuzz, February 2020) – featuring Nik Rayne

The Free Territory (Cardinal Fuzz, May 2019)

Warheads (Cardinal Fuzz, October 2018) – a collaboration with Adam Stone.

Recondite (Cardinal Fuzz, February 2018) – a collection of tracks recorded for compilations between 2011 and 2017

Sixth Side Of The Pentagon (Cardinal Fuzz, April 2017)

Cancellation Numbers – collaboration tape with Maurice’s Hotel Death (Larry Crywater, June 2016)

Spectral Domain (Cardinal Fuzz, September 2015)

High Evolutionary (Cardinal Fuzz, November 2014)

The Sun Behind The Sun – collaboration LP with Black Tempest (Cardinal Fuzz, 2013) Reviews: Beard Rock / Echoes & Dust

Astral House – three track EP, released March 2012 on CD and download.

Lupus – our debut album, originally released on Deep Water Acres CDR, then on double gold or black vinyl on Cardinal Fuzz.

Soy Dios: Our debut single, released in December 2010 on CD and download, backed with two remixes.  Re-released in 2016 on vinyl with an extra new track.

Land Of The Sun (Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence cover) featuring Gabriel Minnikin, released on the Fruits de Mer Records compilation Keep Off The Grass, Dec 2011.

Rückstoss Gondoliere (Kraftwerk cover) released on the Fruits de Mer Records compilation Head Music, May 2012.

Live with Damo Suzuki at Dulcimer, Chorlton, 7th December 2010.

Thermionic Emissions – one-take jams recorded in the rehearsal studio. 

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  1. […] an ass-flattening new EP available for purchase over at their Bandcamp site, and if these guys keep developing, their jams will surpass the high lonesome vistas haunted only by the likes YAWNING MAN in no time […]

  2. […] coming months.  Our CD Lupus will be out soon on the Deep Water label (preview tracks on our Music page; some nice responses already from Feral Strumpet and Pig State Recon among others) and […]

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