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For Nepal

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Our exclusive new version of True Believers features on this excellent compilation album. 14 bands, two slabs of black & white splatter vinyl, all in aid of Women For Human Rights in Kathmandu, Nepal, to help rebuild and recover from the massive earthquake last year. So dig deep for a good cause and get a double album of top music!  Click through the picture for more info and ordering.

For nepal


A taste…

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Here’s some photos taken at Kraak by our friend Renaud:

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Damo Suzuki gig recording and more photos

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Here’s the beginning of our gig with Damo Suzuki back in December, with some more excellent photos by Rik Jundi.

For a larger version click on the vimeo logo (or here), or for glorious full-screen action click the four arrows icon (between ‘HD’ and ‘vimeo’). For those of you with fruit-related mobile devices that don’t support Flash, here it is on YouTube.

Damo Suzuki gig photos

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Veni, Video, Vici

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Here’s a little video we knocked up for one of our demo’s, that has a current working title of Thin White Rope, named after William S Burrough’s description of male reproductive mucus. As you can see, the video literally has a cast of thousands.

There is a final version in the works, with perhaps a better title attached. Keep your ears to the ground!