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Lupus reviews

Posted in General on 22/09/2013 by chrish

Here’s some reviews of our album Lupus  from its original release on CD last year. The double LP is out now: black vinyl in the shopsgold vinyl from Cardinal Fuzz.

…this album gathers up a whole bunch of psych and prog influences and pours them out like black coffee. – A Closer Listen

Each song builds to a huge, sprawling crescendo of darkness, a cathartic, demented dream…. Think Dylan Carson’s ‘Earth’ if it was actually played by goblins. – Echoes And Dust

…sounding like it was recorded in a sacred cave deep underground, just add flickering candlelight and headphones for the full effect. – Terrascope

…punctures the time-space continuum in ways that have you believing it clocks in at least double its length. – Cosmic Tones

The eeriest soundtrack to the best film you never saw – Foxy Digitalis

Feb ’13

Posted in General, Recording on 27/02/2013 by chrish

Vis-à-vis the current state of affairs:-

– The Sun Behind The Sun, our collaborative LP with Black Tempest, is now being pressed and printed and will be released in a few weeks’ time, all being well.  As well as the limited-run grey vinyl there may also be a small number of CDs available.

–  Our first gig this year will be with Mugstar and Anthroprophh in Leeds on the 22nd of March. There are a couple more gigs in the pipeline – watch this space or follow us on Songkick for email updates.

–  Meanwhile, we have put a collection of early practice-room jams up on Bandcamp – Thermionic Emissions volume 1.  It’s pay what you want, all donations gratefully received.

And a happy new year to all our listeners.

Posted in General, Gigs, On The Web on 11/01/2013 by chrish

Firstly a quick glance back to 2012, in which we played more gigs and released more records than in our entire previous history, such as it is.  Our EP Astral House and CD album Lupus have made it onto several ‘best of the year’ lists, including:  Arno de LiefdeSloucherRevolt Of The Apes and Cosmic Tones.  Thanks all!  More audio goodness is on its way in 2013.


One item of news for the moment: we have booked our first gig of the year, on 22nd of March at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, supporting former Heads guitarist/songwriter Paul Allen in his Anthroprophh guise, backed by fellow Bristolians Big Naturals. Full details on the event Facebook page (click on ‘…See More’ for all the gen).

Winter Is Here

Posted in General, Gigs, On The Web, Recording on 08/12/2012 by chrish

As previously noted, we’re having a break from gigging over the winter, but there’s plenty else going on:

  • We have a track on this compilation released by Rock Prodigy Radio for World AIDS day, on sale for December only.
  • A recording of our gig at Hebden Bridge Trades Club in October with the wonderful Carlton Melton will be released as a limited edition double cassette by Triangle Tapes.

We’re in the middle of recording some new tracks for various different projects, and we’re also starting to plan some gigs for April 2013 onwards, so if you would like Dead Sea Apes to grace your event with our inimitable brand of instrumental rock music, please get in touch via our contact page.

See You On The Other Side

Posted in General, Recording on 10/11/2012 by chrish

We’ve had a great run of gigs over the last few months, with Newpath in Liverpool and Manchester, Carlton Melton in Sheffield and Hebden Bridge, and back in Manchester with Agitation Free.  Thanks to everyone involved and anyone who came to see us: we’ve really enjoyed playing live and meeting friends old and new.

Our album Lupus and EP Astral House are still available on CD, and we have a couple of new releases on the slate:  our collaboration with Black Tempest is coming out in January on Cardinal Fuzz records;  and our recent gig at Hebden Bridge Trades Club with Carlton Melton will be issued on a limited-edition double cassette by Triangle Tapes.

We’re taking a break from gigging for a few months, but we’ve got plenty of new music and ideas to work on over the winter so we should emerge blinking in the sunlight, ready to hit the road again in about April.

Till then…

Reciprocal Translocation

Posted in General on 18/09/2012 by chrish

This weekend we have two gigs, both under the auspices of Liverpool-based promoters Newpath. On Saturday we go over to their regular spot at Mello Mello in Liverpool, and on Sunday they’ll make the return visit to one of our local venues, FUEL in Withington, south Manchester.

(click on the posters for a bigger version, or see the gigs page for more.)

Rückstoss Gondoliere (slight return)

Posted in General, Radio & Podcasts on 23/05/2012 by chrish

The Fruits De Mer album Head Music is sold out and going for moderately silly prices on eBay, but if you haven’t heard our contribution to it, a cover of the early Kraftwerk number Rückstoss Gondoliere, it’s on the CD included with the new issue of Prog magazine, out today. Cape not included. It’s also on the latest Was Ist Das? podcast which includes brilliant live tracks from Acid Mothers Temple and Suzuki Junzo.

Back to business

Posted in General on 08/01/2012 by chrish

Happy New Year everyone, and we’re launching straight into a flurry of Dead Sea Apes activity.  We’ve been back in the studio this weekend, recording some sounds and ideas for future development; I will finish mixing the Astral House EP in the next couple of weeks; and we’re getting some gigs organised for the coming months.  Our CD Lupus will be out soon on the Deep Water label (preview tracks on our Music page; some nice responses already from Feral Strumpet and Pig State Recon among others) and we’ve recorded another cover version for Fruits De Mer‘s next LP, due out in May.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Posted in General on 23/12/2011 by moonchief

Its that time of the year when sentimentality tends to run quite high. With that in mind, all of us Dead Sea Apes would like to thank all of you who have supported throughout the year, be that by writing very flattering things about us, buying our CD (or downloading it, legally or otherwise…) or coming out and seeing us on one of our rare live moments. We’ve had a great year this year, and have some irons in the fire for early next year. We have the new CD on Deep Water and ‘Astral House’ EP coming in the next couple of months, and some gigs are shaping up. We’re alos doing some recording in the first week of January

I’d like to take the time to mention some people who have been mighty helpful to us this year: Michael and Ally, Nigel Cross, Henrik Vincente,  Ryan Muldoon, Dave Cambridge, Jeff Grainger, Vesa Lahde, Thanos Stavrianakis, Klemen Breznikar, Kevin McFadin, Emma and Verity from Fat Out, Phil McMullen – and thanks to anyone who has supported throughout the year.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


Update, August 2011

Posted in General, Recording on 08/08/2011 by chrish

Firstly, our debut CD single Soy Dios has almost sold out, so you’d best hurry if you want one.  Our next EP is still awaiting some final tweaks and prods but we will try and get it out in the next couple of months, along with a free download collection of rehearsal / improvisations. Continue reading