Pre-sales are now open for our new album Rewilding at our esteemed record label Cardinal Fuzz. It’s available on LP and CD, and the good Cardinal is doing some bundle deals including a new album by Naujawanan Baidar, alias Nik Rayne of The Myrrors, who guested on our albums Night Lands and The Free Territory.

We will be opening pre-orders on our Bandcamp next Friday, 7th April, which just happens to be a #BandcampFriday. There will be download & streaming options and we offer combined postage with our fabulous T-shirts and back catalogue items.

For our friends in North America, the LP will soon be available from Feeding Tube Records if you want to avoid the particularly heinous transatlantic postage charges.

Following a run of collaborations and split releases, this is a return to the essence of Dead Sea Apes as a 3-piece group, born out of the music we’ve created to play live over the last few years.

From the chaotic blast of opener Denialist, beaming out like a maniacal emergency broadcast, through to the monolithic pounding of the title track, Rewilding is unrelenting, taking in blown-out guitar wails and jet black psych noise while the irrepressible rhythm section moves from claustrophobic motorik beats to a thunderous rolling juggernaut.
These blackened pearls have been recast and refined over the course of the past three years, strung out deeper than the night and now embodying our present uncanny, disorienting times, as we emerge into an altered world to find Mother Nature reasserting herself while the human madness intensifies, locally and globally.
Savage and uncompromising, this is Dead Sea Apes at their most direct and visceral.

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