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Coming soon…

Posted in Merch, Recording on 25/11/2020 by chrish

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming album DATALAND, a collaboration with both Black Tempest and Adam Stone. Its origins lie back in 2018, but it was the Covid lockdown of 2020 and abandonment of our existing plans for the year which provided the suitably weird circumstances for it to flourish, with most of the audio being recorded in our respective homes and sent over the internet. Insistent, evolving electronic sounds run into a variety of guitars and percussion, from the clockwork kosmische of ‘Lost Hours’ to the stumbling noise dub of ‘Shop Soiled’, while Adam Stone’s words meditate on life in the post-industrial west, our increasingly atomised and data-driven society and its logical conclusion in a corporatised dystopia.

Dataland will be available through Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) on red & white splatter vinyl for direct sales and black vinyl for retail, plus a small quantity of CDs in handmade replica sleeves; and downloads will be available from our Bandcamp page.

We are also pleased to announce that two out-of-print records from our back catalogue are being reissued, also by Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube:

The Sun Behind The Sun, our 2013 vinyl debut and first collaboration with Black Tempest, will be re-released in a fabulous mirror board sleeve; and our most recent album Night Lands is being re-pressed on clear vinyl with a black twist.

Pre-orders for Dataland, The Sun Behind The Sun and Night Lands will open on Friday 4th December, which also happens to be a #BandcampFriday when Bandcamp waive their usual cut of the purchase price.  The official UK release date is 29th Jan 2021 to allow for potential delays over Xmas/New Year but we will send them out as soon as we can. Fans in North America wishing to avoid heinous shipping costs are advised to hang tight until stocks arrive at Feeding Tube Records.

Is this… relevant?

Posted in General on 06/11/2020 by chrish

WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON seems to be the perpetual question as we await the results of the US elections, enter a second Covid lockdown and wonder what difficulties await when we leave the EU’s single market and customs union in less than two months’ time. Strangely enough, our successive collaborations with artist and writer Adam Stone have touched on all three subjects: In The Year 2039 imagined a world ravaged by the consequences of a continued 45th presidency, while Retreat To Your Bunker (Lockdown 2020) now serves as a memento of the novelty and alarm of the original lockdown in spring: this time around it’s cold, it’s dark and it’s hard not to wonder where our supposed leaders’ priorities lie.

As for Brexit, well you’ll have to wait for our next record to hear about that amongst other things. But right now, you may be pleased to know that once again it’s BANDCAMP FRIDAY, starting at midnight US Pacific time, which is 8am GMT (UK time) and 9am Central European Time; during which not only does more of your money buying music and associated merchandise on Bandcamp go direct to the artists, but many are in turn donating these proceeds to worthy causes. In our case we are donating our download sales to the Trussell Trust food bank network, and all our downloads are Pay-What-You-Want. So please give generously if you can, and enjoy some Dead Sea Apes audio content to boot.

Meanwhile for fans of circular pieces of plastic, there will soon be exciting news concerning not only a new release but also various items of our back catalogue. Stay tuned, watch the skies, etc…