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SFTOC this Sunday

Posted in Gigs on 30/04/2012 by chrish

We’re playing this Sunday at Salford’s one-day street festival Sounds From The Other City.

Tickets are still available online and at Islington Mill, Piccadilly Records, The Gaslamp and The Black Lion.  We’ll be on at 8.45 pm in The Crescent pub.

Following that we’re supporting The Big Sleep at The Castle on Monday 14th May, and returning to The Oakwood in Glossop on Friday 15th June with Plantagenet 3. Details and links on the Gigs page.



On the head

Posted in Recording on 24/04/2012 by chrish

Dead Sea Apes make their second appearance on vinyl with the release of Head Music, a double-LP compilation of krautrock covers on Fruits De Mer records.  Our contribution, a rendition of the obscure Kraftwerk number Rückstoss Gondoliere, rounds off side 2.

Found voyaging the vast heavens, Dead Sea Apes’ monolithic re-scripting of Kraftwerk’s Rückstoss Gondeliere perhaps provides the set’s centrepiece. Sounding not unlike some chemically enhanced Spacemen 3 comedown, the Dead Sea Apes craft a deeply sedate cosmic symphony which cyclically shifts from moments of calm to full on wig flipped meltdown between the grooves, applying an awesome display of skull suturing sonics. – Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience / Losing Today 

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Next stop, Salford.

Posted in Gigs, Merch on 20/04/2012 by chrish

We’ll be playing at Salford’s one-day festival Sounds From The Other City, on 6th of May. We’re on at The Crescent pub, hosted by Fat Out Till You Pass Out, at 8:45.

In other gig news, the show at The Oakwood in Glossop with Plantagenet 3 has been rescheduled to 15th of June.

Plus! We have a very small number of  Soy Dios T-shirts left – head over to our Big Cartel site for your last chance to get one.

Gilded Palace of Chorlton

Posted in Gigs on 15/04/2012 by chrish

The Gilded Palace Of Sin + Dead Sea Apes at Dulcimer, Chorlton, this Thursday (19th April). £4 on the door.

Astral House on CD

Posted in Merch, Recording on 05/04/2012 by chrish

Astral House CDs are here!

Thanks to everyone who’s ordered one already: they will be with you very soon (subject to the upcoming bank holidays).

Anyone else, you can hear and buy it at Bandcamp, or read reviews by Mr. Atavist, Echoes & DustBeard Rock and Sloucher.