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Live action update

Posted in Gigs on 30/03/2012 by chrish

Unfortunately the gig with Agitation Free has been postponed till November.

However we do have some more live dates coming up:

• Thursday 19th April at Dulcimer, Chorlton, with The Gilded Palace Of Sin

• Sunday 6th May at Sounds From The Other City (8pm in The Crescent Pub, hosted by Fat Out Till You Pass Out)

• Friday 11th May Friday15th June at The Oakwood in Glossop with Plantagenet 3 

• Monday 14th May at The Castle in central Manchester, supporting The Big Sleep

Check our gigs page, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Songkick or for up-to-date listings.


Posted in Recording on 28/03/2012 by chrish

Our first full-length release LUPUS is out now on Deep Water.  In contrast to Soy Dios and Astral House it’s based more directly on improvisation, with riffs and rhythms emerging over drones, loops and  echoing soundscapes. You can read more about it in this interview with Mr. Atavist.

It’s on CD only, packaged in a heavy clear vinyl sleeve with photo-quality printed inserts. We have a small number to sell at gigs but for all mail orders head straight to Deep Water Acres.

Here are some preview tracks
(you can also hear the whole thing on Bandcamp)

Astral House

Posted in Recording on 14/03/2012 by chrish

At last! It’s here! (virtually)

The long-awaited Astral House EP is finally released. Downloads are available now; CDs can be ordered (and include an immediate download) – the discs will ship in about a week’s time, packaged in natural card sleeves hand-made by ACD/Sleeve with artwork by Vicente.

Gilded Dulcimer

Posted in Gigs on 06/03/2012 by chrish

 We’ll be playing at Dulcimer in Chorlton on Thurs 19th of April, with The Gilded Palace Of Sin.

Rückstoss Gondoliere

Posted in Recording on 05/03/2012 by chrish

Fruits De Mer Records have announced the release next month of Head Music, a whopping 95-minute double-LP compilation which includes our cover version of the Kraftwerk / proto-NEU! piece Rückstoss Gondoliere.

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