Update, August 2011

Firstly, our debut CD single Soy Dios has almost sold out, so you’d best hurry if you want one.  Our next EP is still awaiting some final tweaks and prods but we will try and get it out in the next couple of months, along with a free download collection of rehearsal / improvisations.

For fans of coloured vinyl, we have recorded a cover of Skip Spence‘s ‘Land Of The Sun’ for Fruits de Mer Records, with authentically Canadian vocals courtesy of Gabe Minnikin.  It has a provisional place on their next compilation LP, or else a 7″ single later in the year.

This weekend we’ll be recording a special session for Deep Water Acres, exploring the drone/loop/ambient aspects of our collective musical interests and recording in a more fluid, spontaneous way than usual. We have a bunch of loops and sounds prepared, and a box full of percussion and obsolete electronics ready for the studio, so it should be interesting especially as we’ve all been on holiday at different times and so haven’t played together for two months.   I’m planning to mix the resulting tracks the good old-fashioned way, rather than the usual mouse-tweaking – I do have an analogue mixer and some outboard gathering dust somewhere, although I’ll be surprised if any skanking acolytes materialise.

Looking further ahead, we have some possibility of gigs in Manchester and Salford in the autumn, and there are some more new songs beginning to take shape. Not really songs as there’s no singing, but I don’t like calling them ‘tracks’ especially as they’re not recorded, ‘pieces’ sounds a bit pretentious and ‘compositions’ is right out.  Songs, then.


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