Debut Single Released

Yes, after many months of delays, side-tracking and manufacturing issues*, our debut recording Soy Dios is finally released in both physical and virtual forms. The title track is accompanied by two equally epic remixes: the first drenched in dub-inspired echo and filtering, the second reduced to mesmeric drones and feedback. You can hear all three tracks in full and buy both CD and downloads by the magic of Bandcamp.

The download is available in a variety of formats, all properly tagged with artwork and everything, while the CD comes in a smart but charmingly hand-made custom-designed sleeve (screen printed for us by Dave from Stray Light) and is a numbered, limited edition of 100. The price of the CD also includes an immediate download, so you can enjoy the music even before the actual disc pops through your letterbox.

Once again, proceed directly to Bandcamp for all your Soy Dios requirements.

*the moral of the story is: don’t get CDs duplicated in Eccles.

5 Responses to “Debut Single Released”

  1. Here’s a review by Bob at Salford City Radio –

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  4. I’ve bought and downloaded now! Excellent work!
    Sappah DCT

  5. […] limited edition CD of Soy Dios is now sold out, with the final copy going to Ioannis in Athens, but the music is still available […]

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