Save Saki

One of Manchester’s best and most supportive venues is in very real danger of having its license rekoved. This little venue houses some great nights, and has enabled a good deal of passionate, honest and worthwhile promoters to book music that normally wouldn’t get the time of day in Manchester City Centre. As far as the Dead Sea Apes go, it was the venue of our first ever ‘proper’ gig.

Saki bar chooses not to trade on Manchester’s ‘legendary’ status, and provides a cheap (sometimes free) venue for people to put on the type of music they would like to hear. Any musician who has spent time on the dismal Manchester circuit will perhaps appreciate how refreshing it is to play for promoters who are not primarily interested in lining their wallets with next to no discernible effort, fleecing bands, effecting some unconvincing persona or who erect an invisible barrier of  restrictive ‘coolness’ around their nights.

A concerned citizen, Mr Dave Bassinder, has set up an online petition, and if any of you out there would be so kind to register your unhappiness at this ridiculous move, please visit:

We’d be much obliged if you did.

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