Re: Rewilding

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Some great reactions to our new album Rewilding

A review and a Q&A with our Brett at Wierdo Shrine

Reviews at Fighting Boredom // SHFL // Reverb Is For Lovers // Jammerzine // The Ominous Drone

Rewilding is available on vinyl from your favourite record shop via Forte Distribution in the UK and from Feeding Tube Records in the USA; we also have a few LPs and CDs left at our Bandcamp site, where there are also streaming and download options.


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Our new album Rewilding is now available to pre-order on our Bandcamp, on vinyl, CD, download and streaming.


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Pre-sales are now open for our new album Rewilding at our esteemed record label Cardinal Fuzz. It’s available on LP and CD, and the good Cardinal is doing some bundle deals including a new album by Naujawanan Baidar, alias Nik Rayne of The Myrrors, who guested on our albums Night Lands and The Free Territory.

We will be opening pre-orders on our Bandcamp next Friday, 7th April, which just happens to be a #BandcampFriday. There will be download & streaming options and we offer combined postage with our fabulous T-shirts and back catalogue items.

For our friends in North America, the LP will soon be available from Feeding Tube Records if you want to avoid the particularly heinous transatlantic postage charges.

Following a run of collaborations and split releases, this is a return to the essence of Dead Sea Apes as a 3-piece group, born out of the music we’ve created to play live over the last few years.

From the chaotic blast of opener Denialist, beaming out like a maniacal emergency broadcast, through to the monolithic pounding of the title track, Rewilding is unrelenting, taking in blown-out guitar wails and jet black psych noise while the irrepressible rhythm section moves from claustrophobic motorik beats to a thunderous rolling juggernaut.
These blackened pearls have been recast and refined over the course of the past three years, strung out deeper than the night and now embodying our present uncanny, disorienting times, as we emerge into an altered world to find Mother Nature reasserting herself while the human madness intensifies, locally and globally.
Savage and uncompromising, this is Dead Sea Apes at their most direct and visceral.

2023: an update

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All may appear quiet in the domain of Dead Sea Apes, but things are afoot:

Our new album Rewilding is at the pressing plant and should be back with us in the next month or so. Coming after a slew of collaborations and studio jams, this album really represents the new material we’ve been playing live as a 3-piece. If you’d like a preview, one track has been released already on the We Love You Junzo benefit comp. There will also be a re-release of our recent split LP with The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol coming soon.

We have a couple of gigs to announce: On Saturday 8th of April we’re playing a free gig at the Bank Top Tavern (FB) in Oldham with local young scamps Honeybadgers; and on Friday 26th of May we’re back at the Golden Lion in Todmorden in the company of US indie rock legends Come, ten years almost to the day since we supported them at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. Details and ticket links on the GIGS page. And if you’re within reach of south Wales, it may be worth keeping an eye on this

Finally, for you devotees of social media, we’re now on Instagram and Mastodon!

Record News

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We’re delighted to announce a split LP with our Canadian pals The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, featuring a side-long track from each band.

Our piece Lunar Mansions was recorded at the tail-end of 2019, completed in the early stages of the first Covid lockdown and premiered on The Dark Outside‘s internet lockdown special in April 2020; while the Symbol were recorded live in rural Richmond, Ontario earlier this year with an expanded 9-piece line-up.

The vinyl pressing has sold out on pre-orders this side of the pond, so there may be a second batch in the works very soon – watch this space or follow Cardinal Fuzz for updates. In North America, check at Feeding Tube Records for any remaining stock. There are also a few CDs in Sam Giles vinyl-replica sleeves available from Cardinal Fuzz.

On the subject of selling out, we are down to the last copy of Live In Belper, and this is a signed copy with the inimitable squiggles of Adam, Chris, Brett and Jack on the front cover.

Apes / Chimps / Trees

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Our final gig of 2022 will be back at ye olde Golden Lion on Wednesday 16th November with the mighty Part Chimp. Tickets here or click through the poster below.

VF Presents Part Chimp with Dead Sea Apes and The Tall Trees, Wednesday 16th November, The Golden Lion, Todmorden.

Astral Daze

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A great night at Rebellion last night. Big thanks to Sammy and the Acid Mothers crew.

Our next gig is back in Manchester, on Saturday 5th of November as part of Astral Daze at The Peer Hat and Aatma above it.

Also next month we return to The Golden Lion, Todmorden with the mighty Part Chimp. That’s on Wednesday 16th November. See the gigs page for all the info.

In other news we’ve finished recording our next album, so it will be in the works as soon as possible. For a preview, check out Parasite Rex on the mega compilation We Love You Junzo.

Acid Mothers Rebellion

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Thursday 13th October we’re playing Manchester’s Rebellion club, supporting legendary Japanese psych lords Acid Mothers Temple, who we last met playing Band On The Wall back in 2015.

Tickets available at See Tickets, Ents 24 and Dice.

Acid Test Radio

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Our Brett spoke to Shane at Acid Test Radio about DSA, record shops and music in general, plus there’s an airing of our track from the recent We Love You Junzo comp. Listen below or check out the full show page.

We Love You Junzo

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We’ve contributed a track to this compilation raising money for Junzo Suzuki:

Junzo has touched many people’s lives on the underground/psych scene, and collaborated with artists such as Mike Vest and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska. Earlier this year he suffered a serious brain injury after falling from a rail platform in Tokyo and is currently in a rehabilitation hospital, unable to play live and also without the wherewithal to access his recording revenues. His friends Tabata Mitsuru & Ned Netherwood have set up the ‘Friends of Junzo‘ Bandcamp page to help support him and organised this compilation, running to 27 tracks and nearly 4½ hours of audio. The asking price of ¥1,300 is just under £8. Full track list and details here.